Product Catalogue

Products Page Data Sheet
Rotary Sander/Polisher Pads
1.1 Rotary Pad High Profile
1.2 Rotary Pad Middle Profile
1.3 Rotary Pads Laminated
Backing Pads For Resin Fibre Discs
2.1 Spiral Cool - Resin Fibre Disc Backing pads
DA Backing Pads for Orbital Sanders/Polishers
3.1-3.2 DA Pads Introductions
3.3 DA Pads Classic-Line
3.4 DA Pad PRO-Line
3.5 DA Pads 1-3.5 inch
3.6 Dust-Free DA Pads
3.7 Dust DevilTM DA Pads
3.8 Dust DevilTM V2 DA Pads
3.9 Interface Pads
Roloc Holders and Pads
4.1 Roloc Holder, Pads
4. 2 Rubber Erazor
Drill Pads and Adaptors
5.1 Drill Pads and Adaptors
Hand Pads
6.1-6.3 Hand Pads
Stone Working Pads
7.1 Stone Working Pad and felt mops
Foam pads

8.1 Foam Pads Introductions
8.2 Foam Pads with non-recessed velcro
8.3 Foam pads with recessed velcro
8.4 9" Diamond Foam Pads
8.5 Wax Applicator , Car Wash Foam & Polishing Cone  
Wool Pads
9.0 Types of Wool Material
9.1-9.2 Wool Pads
Backing Pads for Foam Pad and Wool Buffing Pads
10.1 Rotary Pads FlexEdge
10.2 Backing Pads for Foam Pad and Wool Buffing Pads  
11.1 Other Backing Pads

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