Technology & Quality Control

We select the best quality material, provide the products in
excellent cost-performance ratio.

With state-of-art facilities, we are able the offer the Premium Quality Molded Pads.

The backup pad is a very important interface between the polisher/orbital and your workpiece. A quality pad has a controlled weight and balance that allows the tool to operate with minimum vibration.

Molded backup pads foam will dampen vibrations to prevent the polisher or orbital from bouncing, yet is flexible and tough enough to withstand the rigorous operation of a dual-action random orbital (the foam material will not deform and has a memory unlike traditional EVA pads). A permanent bond between the components of the pad eliminates separation problems.

A pad that is not the correct weight, out of round, out of balance, or not flat causes vibrations which fatigue the user and prevent creating a professional finish. Our backup pads offer strict tolerance on weight, balance, roundness, and flatness, which assures you that each pad performs consistently for a long time.

The hook face is qualified, it is molded directly onto the pad , creates a permanent durable and flat surface. It offers quick and easy removal of other accessories, and the hook life can last for thousands of peeling.